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Easy to purchase gift card

(Mia S., 8 days ago)

30-90 Days ago

I've easily purchased gift certificates online for my mom on 3 or 4 occasions. She has always raved about her massage experience at Sankofa. Living and working overseas, the ease of purchasing a gift certificate has not only been a great gift for her, but has made it a gift for us by being so easy. Thank you.

(Michael L., 42 days ago)

Lovely and intuitive website that made it super easy to get a gift certificate for my mom!

(Anastasia S., 45 days ago)

Easy to purchase gift certificates. My wife loves this place. Everybody wins!

(Matt K., 48 days ago)

Older reviews

It was quick and easy to buy gift certificates! Simple, informative, and secure website! Thank you!

(Matt K., 563 days ago)

Ty is the BEST.

(Bonnie J., 736 days ago)

Easy to do. Thank you. Wish there was a place to put a gratuity ahead of time.

(Elisabeth M., 924 days ago)

Great Online Experience. So easy to do your holiday shopping, even at the last minute. Who does not love the gift of a massage, by the best.

(Sandra F., 935 days ago)

Very Easy

(Pauline E., 936 days ago)

Easy! Excellent!

(Michael M., 1,054 days ago)

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