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Tye is the BEST. I have such a sense of wellness after my massages. It is one of the best things I do for myself!

(Lori C., 1,248 days ago)

the has been my massage therapist since I came to NBPT. I could not be more pleased with her professionalism nor with the results.

(Thomas C., 1,249 days ago)

Literally one of the best massages I've ever had (and I'm fortunate enough to have had many). Tye asks questions and is responsive and professional with her approach. I didn't just feel good on the table but for days following my massage. Her studio is bright, sunny, and super clean and peaceful. I don't have a single criticism. She rocks!

(Korki A., 1,256 days ago)

I love having a message with Tye, as much as I enjoy the easing of all the tension in my body and the calming in my day; it is the time with Tye I enjoy the most. She has a wayo of collecting not only the physical but emotional and easing it all. She is wonderful. I look forward to every visit

(Anonymous, 1,257 days ago)

I have been coming to see Tye for several years now and she is absolutely amazing. I never knew how much tension I was carrying in my legs and shoulders until she started to relieve me of it. It has made a huge difference in my workouts and my life. Tye is wonderful and I highly recommend Sankofa Massage & Bodywork!

(Anonymous, 1,257 days ago)

I've been visiting Tye for well over a year now and I can't say enough good things about her. Not only is she the first massage therapist in ages to actually LISTEN to me and what I want (when I say deep pressure, I MEAN deep presure!), she also is just a truly lovely, calming person to be around. I so look forward to my monthly session with her! An extra plug for her pre-natal massage skills: she has been a lifesaver during my pregnancy -- such a lovely respite from the physical discomforts of being pregnant!

(Elizabeth P., 1,259 days ago)

Few things 'move me' enough to post a review. Finding Tye at Sankofa has changed this. I struggled with various muscle and connective tissue issues for well over a year. After being 'treated' by Tye - I have returned to health once again. An amazing professional! Tye provides an atmosphere conducive to healing - body, mind and soul. Now, it's all about the enjoyment of continuing health - Don't miss out! Incredible!

(Anonymous, 1,259 days ago)

I have suffered with back & joint pain for years. I can honestly say that Tye has truly help me manage my pain in a positive way. Sankofa Massage & Bodywork is a huge part of my pain management. Tye always listens to my concern and addresses my individual concern. With Tye you have her undivided attention, she truly cares for her clients. I would highly recommend Sankofa Massage & Bodyworks. You'll be glad you found Tye...I certainly am!

(Ann D., 1,261 days ago)

Tye is a wonderful massage therapist and a wonderful person. An appointment for a massage with Tye is the high point of that day! The serene atmosphere with music, warmth, and wonderful scents add to the whole experience, but the hallmark of Tye's practice is the way she gets to know the needs of her clients and meets them with such care. I always leave feeling better than when I went in!

(Gloria M., 1,261 days ago)

You will not find a more professional, yet warm person than Tye. She has just the right combination of personality and skill to find and work through tightness in the body while leaving the mind to quietly unwind. She holds strength of both body and character. I look forward to each massage. Having moved here recently, I had been wanting to find a massage therapist that I could relax into, with knowledge and trust that each return session would yield results to carry me through the week feeling well. I"m so glad to have found Sankofa Massage. Tye is definitely MY massage therapist in my new hometown of Newburyport.

(Anonymous, 1,263 days ago)

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