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I had one of the better, if not best, massages locally or at a resort spa. It was my first time here and I have already made an appointment to return.

(Anonymous, 876 days ago)

Amazing massage, as always. Tye is the best!!!

(Anonymous, 913 days ago)

My first session with Tye, I went in with so much stress & tension in my shoulders, I was unable to put my arms behind my back! I left being able to move both arms easily and I felt light and as if I was walking on a cloud. Amy

(Amy T., 952 days ago)

Tye is fantastic! I highly recommend Sankofa Massage!!! Tye has eased muscle tension and pain after rigorous workouts. She saved me through my first pregnancy with her pre-natal massage as well!

(Anonymous, 969 days ago)

Tye has healing hands and a kind, caring spirit. A massage with her relieves pain, eases tension, and centers my spirit. I highly recommend Sankofa Massage & Bodywork! Alisa B.

(Alisa B., 976 days ago)

A wonderful, relaxing massage in a soothing and beautiful space. I highly recommend Sankofa! Tye is awesome!

(Anonymous, 1,110 days ago)

My upper but especially my lower back has been giving me much pain within the last six months. I noticed an amazing decrease in my back pain, especially my lower back pain after my first massage with Tye! It was noticable! She really knows what muscles she needs to massase in order to alleviate pain in different parts of the body. It was amazing to me that by massaging my thigh muscles it took some pretty severe lower back pain away within hours! I HIGHLY recommend Tye and Sankofa Massase and Bodywork!

(Maureen C., 1,144 days ago)

I have had severe neck and upper back/shoulder pain for several years now since being struck from behind in my car and getting whiplash. I had tried everything to gain mobility especially in my neck. Chiropractors, etc. After starting massages with Tye, I am FINALLY getting relief for my constant neck pain! After every massage my neck is that much more flexible and a little bit less painful! As Tye is also a nurse, she really understands what is going on inside my neck area physically and targets each session according to how my neck has been feeling. I can't believe how much relief I am finally getting! I very highly recommend Tye and Sankofa Massage and Bodywork!! Charlie C.

(Charlie C., 1,144 days ago)

I have been suffering with both upper and lower back pain for about a year now. I tried heat/ice, advil, going to the gym to strengthen my back. Nothing helped until I began getting massages from Tye! From my very first massage my back and neck felt 100% better! Tye not only knows how to give an excellent massage but as she is a nurse also she knows how the muscles are connected to the other parts of the body and will try new ways to alleviate my pain. I highly recommend Tye and Sankofa Massage and Bodywork!!! Katherine C.

(Katherine C., 1,144 days ago)

I just found the best massage therapist EVER!!! I have never been able to relax when having a massage done until I'm approximately midway through....not the case with Tye! I will never go anywhere else! Perfect amount of pressure, relaxing environment and the utmost in professionalism!!! new happy client ðï¿&***;ï¿&***;ï¿&***;

(Anonymous, 1,183 days ago)

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